All was going well when……

Aerification was going well, all greens had been aerated, 3 of them topdressed, dragged and ready for play, #10 fairway aerated and we had started #11(getting the biggest ones completed first). And then the only rain shower around for 100 miles decides to camp out over the course and drop over a half inch of rain! Game changer, actually, game over!

So today we will try again. topdressing greens and aerating fairways. Topdressing the greens will be the priority.

Another limitation we’ll face today outside of the threat of showers will be the temperatures. Applying hot sand to dry putting surfaces is always risky! Once applied, the sand is blown into the holes in two directions using an hover mower, then dragged with a brush mounted on a utility cart. If we are not cautious, the greens surface can become damaged. So throughout the day we will monitor air temperatures and may have to take a break from topdressing in the afternoon till temperatures lower enough for us to continue in the early evening. We will focus on full sun greens this morning and save the shaded greens till later in the day. I will keep the “members only” section updated throughout the day with our progress.

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