WOW! Time flys when your……… busy…….. and having fun!

Five months since my last post! Way to long but when you look at all the work that we completed this spring, up until Presidents Day, I hope you’ll be able to understand why I haven’t had the time to sit and blog.  And as much as I’d like to review all the completed projects, I’m going to focus this blog on whats in store for the golf course in the next couple of weeks.

Its aerification time. Last week we completed the process on tees. It went well despite some marginal weather. This week, we’ll be aerating greens, approaches, fairways and if all goes well, some roughs. With some seasonal weather we should be able to complete most of the aerification on a timely basis. We will be focusing on greens on Monday and Tuesday, approaches on Wednesday and Thursday, and fairways will be worked on all week. Please check the “members only” section of the web site for current course conditions and updates.

We will be using different processes than in the past to compensate for weather, aide recovery of the turf, and reduce player interference. The largest change being closing the golf course on Monday August 19 to allow us uninterrupted time in completing as much as possible without having to wait on play. I’m anticipating using smaller tines on the greens to expedite healing and solid tines on the fairways to eliminate clean up. We will making the same size holes on the approaches as we have on the tees. After topdressing, the greens and approaches should heal rather quickly.

Here is a link to a brief USGA video that explains green aeration. This information also applies to tee and approach aeration.

When you play over the next couple of weeks, conditions will be sub par while the turf is healing and a few of the processes may be still in progress. There are a few variables that can alter our plans, like labor, equipment failures and last but not least, the weather! But we are prepared to deal with anything that comes our way. I ask everyone for their patience during this time and please check the website before coming out to play.

In closing I’d like to thank the Board of Directors, the Greens Committee and Chris Barletta for their continued support along with Mike Lawrence, equipment technician, Joe Liebsch, interim assistant superintendent, newly hired 1st assistant superintendent Micheal Crane and all of the Green Dept staff for their dedication, hard work and their patience in dealing with me over the last five months. It hasn’t always been easy, but its been fun! Thank you all!

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