I’d like to start off this message with a huge congratulations to Assistant Superintendent Giancarlo Sarullo and Justin Parisien for taking the next step in their budding careers!

Friday was  their last day with the Green Dept (and Valet, Pro Shop Attendant for Justin) as on Monday Giancarlo starts as an Assistant Superintendent at Sunnybrook CC and Justin enters the Philadelphia Police Academy!

Giancarlo has been with us for 7 years and had never worked on a golf course until I hired him. His goal when he came here was to learn how to grow fine turf and then return to sports field management in which he carries a degree in. Well the golf bug bit him, like many others in the business and now has changed his career goal to becoming a Golf Course Superintendent. Thank you very much for your time and service Giancarlo!

Justin starting working here as soon as I could get working papers for him, at 14 I believe. I have had the rare opportunity of watching him grow and mature right under my nose on a daily basis for which I’m very grateful for. Justin’s career goal is to become a New Jersey State Trooper in their marine division as he loves the water. His 12 years of service to the Club is very much appreciated by all department heads. We all wish him the best at the academy!

On to the golf course now. The window of opportunity is closing fast on having the ground frozen enough to support tree removal equipment. This is a double edged sword as having thawed ground has allowed us to resume work on the bunkers on 17. We will have to wait for drier conditions to complete the balance of tree work, think mid summer, or worst case scenario, next winter. Since the trees remaining are on holes 15-17, leveling 16 tee will have to wait until then. The removal of the tree at 16 tee is dependent upon PECO cutting it back from over their power lines. This work, which is required by law, was requested and approved in early December. There was one additional tree on 15 to be trimmed also. Asplundh, PECO’s tree contractor, completed this last week before the rain came on Thursday. Hopefully they’ll be out this week to prune back the Tulip on 16 tee.

There always are surprises when digging around your golf course!


Selvin and Justin working on another one!

These little rocks and 6 more of similar size were dug out of the small left hand side of the bunker on 17 while relocating the bunker away from the green. Now we know why that bunker didn’t have any drainage! Its all good as of right now, we were finally able to shape the new bunker in its new location. We have our fingers crossed that installing the drainage wont be as disruptive and or labor intensive. Some minor reshaping of the front bunker will be in progress this week. The largest change to this bunker will be a reduced height in the face of it. Similar to the front bunker on 16.

We have expanded the scope of the bunker rebuild to include leveling the hump in the front of the green and slightly expanding the green surface on the lower front corners. The photo below is the aerial view of the green from the 1930’s and clearly shows where the original green was back in the day. Our restoration will not be as extensive as bringing the putting surface all the way down to the front bunker will eliminated an area for equipment to turn on, on this already difficult to maintain green and surrounds. This work will also eliminate the sand dam that have formed in the two front corners. These dams are a result of years of topdressing the greens and prevent surface runoff during rain events. This is common on greens that are sloped back to front or are near level.

14 & 17 greens

The green expansion phase started last week on the left side of the green and will be completed this week with additional sod needed being supplied by the nursery green located on 12.


As for the other winter projects, they are listed below in a tentative order of completion.

Front and left side bunkers 17/ green expansion

Front tee on 13

Irrigation installation at 1 & 4 green (contractor, second week of April)

Stump remediation at 1, 13, 14 greens (other stumps ongoing)

Fan installation 2 & 7 greens (in house and electrician)

Right side bunker 17

Back tee 13

Balance of tree work (Arborist, weather permitting)

This weeks weather forecast looks promising to keep us moving in the right direction, lets all keep our fingers crossed!



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