2019 Golf Course Improvements

The Board of Directors have approved a full slate of course improvement projects for the upcoming year. They range from leveling tees to reconditioning green side roughs. Following is the details of the projects.

Green side fan installation:

We will be installing fans at 2 & 7 greens. With the proven success of the fan at 3 green, the next logical place for fans are the pocketed greens at 2 & 7. The fan on 2 will require a new service from PECO in which the electrician has already started the permitting process. The fan will be located to the right rear of the green along the hillside. The electric for 7 green will be supplied from the same service that serves 3 green. We will be installing about 500′ of conduit behind and along 8 tee to the right rear of 7 green where the fan will be positioned. These two greens would have greatly benefited from the fans this past year!

Tee leveling:

Tee leveling continues this year on holes 13 & 16. On 13 we will be enlarging both tees slightly to the right to increase the playing surface. This will entail relocating the bench and ball  washer to the right of the front tee. 16 will be a larger project with the removal of the tulip tree between the two existing tees. This will allow us to enlarge the teeing surface by combining both tees. We are also contemplating pushing the tee forward slightly to accommodate the forward tees. All tees on 13 & 16 will receive new irrigation with individually controlled heads.

Bunker rebuilding:

Rolling into our forth consecutive year of bunker rehabilitation, bunkers on 17 will receive new drainage and sand. Using the old aerial photographs of the club along with Wayne Morrison’s restoration plan, we’ll be lowering the top of the front bunker to its original height, shifting the left side bunker back and away from the green, and moving the right side bunker away from the green. Drainage will also be installed in the rough between the fairway and front bunker.

Tree work:

Using both consultant reports, membership feedback and personal observation, 60 trees will be removed though out the course. The main objective of these removal are for safety, green surround turf health, and tee shot play ability. In addition to the removals, extensive pruning is on tap for holes #’s 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15 & 18. Click on the link below for an up to date status on the  scheduled work. In addition to the list, Paul Csigi has marked up a large version of the tree management study that is located in the grill room. I’m working on a digital version with just the scheduled tree work to post online along with marking each tree out on the golf course. In the interim, the comprehensive version of the tree management study can be found on the club’s website.

2019 Comprehensive tree program

Green surround rough improvements:

This comprehensive project on holes 1 and 4 will be completed in two phases. Phase one will involve tree removals which are included in the aforementioned tree work, minor bunker enlargements of the front of each right side bunkers on both holes and installing new irrigation around each green.  The bunker extensions will consist of removing and storing  the existing sand, excavating the soil, installing sod on the new edge and reinstalling the removed sand.  The upgraded irrigation system will have individual controlled heads for the putting surfaces, the approaches and the green surround rough. Additional snap valves that allow us to hand water will also be installed.  Phase two will include expanding the putting surfaces using the old aerial photos, existing ground contours, along with Wayne’s restoration plan, 1 to the left and rear of the green and 4 to the front, left side and rear. Click on the links below to see Wayne’s suggestions.

#1 green proposed changes                                                                                                                        # 4 green proposed changes

Widening the approaches by using deep drill and sand injection aerification, stripping existing sod and installing new sod. Extending the step cut through sod replacement on both the left side and rear of  1 and 4 greens. Widening the fairways out to match the new approaches will be completed through mowing, aerification and overseeding. Replacing the mixed variety of green surround roughs with tall fescue sod will complete phase 2.  4 green surrounds will require multiple herbicide applications a month before sod installation to eliminate the bermuda grass. Phase two will begin with the herbicide application on 4 at the beginning of August with all sod installation being completed in September.

Resources, contractors, playabilty and the weather will dictate the order of completion of all the projects. There will be multiple projects in progress at any giving time. Please check the website daily for updates. I will also blog about the progress throughout the process. Anticipated completion date of May 4 for the tree work, bunkers, tee leveling and phase 1 of the green surround project. Phase 2 of the green surround project to be completed by September 28.

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