A Little Taste of Winter

With 3″ of snow falling last Friday and daytime high temperatures forecast to be below freezing the next two days, I’m wondering how far out is winter? Hopefully very!

The calendar says we have another month, but Mother Nature hasn’t been following the calendar for the past few years by my observations! With all the plans (I will blog about them in the near future) we have for golf course improvements this off season, the last thing we need is a tough winter.

We do have some season ending work to complete before winter sets in. Leaf processing has been fairly successful considering all the rain we’ve had. We’ve mulched more this years than in the past. This is the most efficient way of handling leaves but has the limitation of to much of a good thing can hinder turf growth. Moving forward we will shift to picking up the balance of leaves as we have reached the point of hindrance in many areas.

Alternate greens have been installed and will be in use on Thanksgiving Day if your brave enough to test the forecast. The greens are far from dormant at this point and need to be protected from the combination of weather and play. We will be using the alternate greens throughout the winter months when necessary.  We establish these in order to protect the regulation greens during periods of freezing and thawing. Damage to the putting greens occurs under these conditions. If you’d like more information on alternate greens and their purpose and or are interested in the other perils of winter play on a golf course, this link will take you an excellent article from the USGA, .http://gsrpdf.lib.msu.edu/ticpdf.py?file=/article/hartwiger-moeller-winter-1-9-15.pdf


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