Spring off to a slow start.

Unless your working in the Green Department! We cant move quick enough to get the golf course ready for the upcoming season which officially starts this Sunday, April 1st.

If you were in the Philadelphia area for the month of March, you know we spent most of the month under snow cover. The turf that was breaking dormancy in February ( we mowed greens on February 28) has since gone back into dormancy and will require fewer mowing’s to maintain the proper heights. We are out today mowing greens, collars, approaches and fairways with the hope of stimulating growth which is necessary to withstand the wear and tear of play. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for more seasonal weather.

While most of the month of March was spent cleaning up the golf course, we were able to trench for the new irrigation on 6 tee.

And install pipe, wires valves and heads.

isolation and snap valve’s

front head waiting to be leveled, wired and back filled.

My goal is to sod the top of the tee next week and let it root for 3 weeks before opening it and begin working on the back tee. I will ask that once it is open, that you please limit your practice swings on the new sod and if possible use a tee as all tee markers will be located on the lower tee till the back tee is completed.

While the new tee is growing in, we plan on jumping into the bunkers on 13. Unfortunately this project as received no attention over the last 30 days due to the weather. Our new completion date is April 27 for the bunkers.

Warmer, drier weather will allow us to complete the stairs on 1 tee also. We need to add some more stone to the landing areas before we can install the porous pave material.

During March’s Green Committee meeting, the committee approved the recommendation of rounding off corners of the tees. This was a suggestion from the ” Restoration and Master Plan” provided by Wayne Morrison. Wayne was hired by the club to give his professional opinion of improving the integrity of your William Flynn design.

William Flynn:

In fitting a course to all classes in everyday play it is necessary to maintain relative values in the holes. This can only be done by using two and in some instances three tees to a hole-the various players using the tee that fits their particular game.”

“A great many players are averse to using forward tees perhaps because they were originally christened “ladies tees” but regardless of that fact it seems that a great deal more enjoyment could be had if golfers used the tee on the various holes that really suited their game.”  

Wayne Morrison:

Tees –Rounded Corners

Existing and any proposed tees should be maintained with rounded corners with minimal linear geometry. Square or rectangular tees are not only difficult and more time consuming to mow but are unsightly and not in keeping with the naturalized intent of William Flynn. Tees that blend with the natural terrain are a better choice than forcing a geometric shape. Tees should harmonize with the landscape and not stand out as a man-made addition.”

Rounding the corners will save labor while mowing but we will take advantage of this process by increasing tee space by reclaiming teeing area that has been lost over the years from mowing. This loss happens on all features (greens, tees, fairways, etc.) of a golf course from operators not continually mowing up to the edge due to fear of scalping the surrounding rough. Using 12 tee as an example, I believe the time we save mowing rounded corners on tees will be somewhat offset by mowing of slightly larger tees.

left side 12 tee

right side 12 tee

One last note, we are delaying opening the grass tee at the Short Game Area until warmer weather arrives. The tee always receives heavy traffic this time of year. Without the temperatures needed to germinate new seed, the divots will linger well into the spring. I will post the opening on the “daily course conditions” page on website.


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