Weekend Golf Course Outlook

Dear Members,

In an effort to better communicate the condition of the golf course and the use of regulation greens, Jay Parisien, Golf Course Superintendent, will send weekly emails with a forecast of anticipated greens conditions. The Green Department will use multiple weather forecasts and current conditions to determine whether regulation greens will be open.

Update from Jay for the weekend of February 10th & 11th:

“I expect the regulation greens to freeze up tonight and remain frozen through early Saturday morning. Saturday will be a thawing day with predicted high temperatures in the upper 40’s and rain. The use of alternate greens is highly probable.”

“Sunday’s forecast has temperatures above freezing and rain. If regulation greens are thawed to a depth of 3”, they will be open for play.”

“We will update this prediction again on Friday February 9th. Please refer to the website for daily golf course conditions.”

Bala Golf Club
Jay Parisien CGCS
Certified Golf Course Superintendent