Working our way through winter

Happy New Year to all. The Greens Department has been very busy this winter despite the erratic weather. We’ve had our hands in everything from snow removal, tree work and pushing up bunkers to stripping sod, refurbishing ball washers, picking up leaves and everything in between!

To be more specific on whats going on here in the off season……

New stairs on the first tee are being installed. This is part of the project to rebuild all stairs located throughout the course. Once completed the stairs at 3 and 9 tee’s will need to replaced, and the stairs at 3 green will be removed.

Removal of 26 trees. All of these trees are either dead, declining or causing a hazardous condition. They are all listed in the tree health plan that we received this past fall. Most of the trees are in outlying areas of the course and will have very little effect on playablity. Most of the work will be completed by our arborist, Glen Riggs. We have removed the smaller ones on the list and will be responsible for stump clean up and ground restoration.

Hemlock at practice putting green

Leveling 6 tees. At the last Board of Directors meeting, funds were approved to level both tees on #6. In order to keep disruption of play to a minimum, this project will be done in phases, completing the front tee first while the back tee remains open. We will also be installing new and more efficient irrigation. This work can only be completed on unfrozen soil. We were able to strip the sod from the lower tee today before colder weather returns.

Also at the Board meeting, the board approved rebuilding the bunkers on 13. These two bunkers always need to be pumped out in spite of having drainage. The drainage was installed pre-2000 and has become ineffective. There will be some substantial ground work on the left side of the hole to eliminate the fairway runoff that flows into the bunker.

runoff flow into bunker

Along with the grading, each bunker will receive new drainage and fresh sand. We should be able to continue working on these when colder temperatures prevail.

This is a snapshot of the larger projects in progress. I wish I could give you a completion date but the weather really dictates when we can work on these. Our goal is always April 1 for completion, perhaps mother nature will grace us with some mild weather for the rest of the winter.

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