Where did all the water go?

If your visiting the club today and notice that the pond on 9 is empty, have no fear, its been drained for irrigation maintenance reasons.

Foot valve replacement blog 001

The “foot valve” as we call it, is on the suction line to the pump station. This valve maintains the water level in the pipe to eliminate priming of the pump. It needs to be replaced and this annual process is usually conducting in early January weather permitting. The freezing weather didn’t permit it this year, so we have to do it now.

cant see the foot valve just yet, its under the "T"

cant see the foot valve just yet, its under the “T”

Hopefully this should be completed in the next day or two and we’ll be refilling the pond. Normally it takes a week to fill it up, with all the wet weather in the forecast, I anticipate it being filled in about 5 days.


2 thoughts on “Where did all the water go?

  1. It appears the greens are rolling faster than at almost any time last year. Is that just my impression or was there a conscious effort to increase the speed of the greens? – will this continue through the summer? All good – just curious – Also what happened to the second green? Will it recover? Finally, could you go into a bit more detail for why the greens did not require aerification this Spring – Thank you


  2. Good morning Mr. Zeller
    Thank you for your inquire. The current green speed is typical for this time of year. This occurs due to lack of fertilizer on the greens (lack of rain is also a factor). Unfortunately we’ll be fertilizing them this week so you can anticipate a drop in speed. We have been attempting to increase the green speed though out the season using different techniques. The two largest factors limiting faster speeds on a continuous basis is the micro climates around the greens (an ideal golf course has NO trees around the putting greens) and the moisture holding capacity of the greens themselves. We are putting together short and long range plans to address both of these issues. Please keep in mind that Bala’s putting greens are the clubs most valuable assets and their health will always take precedent over green speed.

    The damage on #2 green(also #1,7,11,and 15) is winter kill. These areas will not recover without assistance from us. The weather is now conducive to begin over seeding these areas through aerification, slit seeding, topdressing, fertilization and watering. The disruption should be minimal.

    Greens aerification was cancelled because of the harsh winter, cool spring and we aerated greens last November. The holes were still visible (some still are)
    when the snow melted. Along with the conditions of the above aforementioned greens, I decided not to aerifiy this spring. I have requested from the Greens committee that I have the option to aerate in June after “presidents day” if need be. This process would also be very less disruptive than the normal spring aerification process. Please consider this spring as the exception not the rule, so to speak.

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions. Thank you for visiting our blog.
    Best regards.


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