Broken mower on # 8

Unfortunately things like this happen from time to time. This 14 year old mower snapped it’s axle on Tuesday. We tried to get it back the the shop to make the appropriate repairs but determined that we would only be causing more damage to the mower and the golf course itself. The repairs will have to be made right in the rough.

We apologize for the unsightly appearance and the interruption of your game. Its our goal to have the repairs completed and the mower off the hole before the end of the day on Friday.

Thank you for your understanding of this unique situation.AR250 3 wheel

Thorn bushes on 15.

I have a concern about the thorn bushes on the 15th fairway. Left side against the fence where a hook will find the fence. It is possible for a golfer to have to swing into large sharp thorns. I would urge you to yank these tall bushes.

Submitted by Gary Ames On 8/25/14